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The Committee

The society is governed by a group of members known as The Committee. Each committee member has their own set of tasks and duties to perform to keep MAGS running smoothly. The positions within the committee are reviewed on an annual basis with modifications being voting for at the AGM. The 2020/21 Committee is comprised as follows;

Ian RowanDave VergaGary Kisby
Ian RowanDave VergaGary Kisby
Tim GrimesPeter TweddellPaul Damper
Monthly EventsHandicaps & Web AdminCompetitions & Trophies
Tim GrimesPeter TweddellPaul Damper
Tony JacobsDarren ParkerGeoff Mills
CaptainVice CaptainPlayer Liaison
Tony JacobsDarren ParkerGeoff Mills

Minutes from the Annual General Meeting 09.00, 22nd April 2022. Held at Broome Park.

Welcome from the Chairman Ian Rowan and chairman’s report on last two years.

Explanation of format for the meeting


1. Proposal is that new captain for the 22/23 year is Bob Crouch with Tony Jacobs as vice captain.

No volunteers to contest the position so may I have a show of hands to confirm the proposal.

Proposer Ian Rowan, Proposal Accepted by the attendees

2. Proposal is that all other members of the committee remain in post for the coming year.

Proposer Ian Rowan, Proposal Accepted by the attendees

3. Proposal is that new post of player Liaison is created and the first committee member to hold that position is Geoff Mills.
Proposer Ian Rowan, Proposal Accepted by the attendees

4. Proposal is that New membership costs to move from £20 to £25 as of April 2022

New members £40 (includes club tie)

- Dave Verga provided an update on the clubs current financial position

Proposer Dave Verga, Proposal Accepted by the attendees

- Revision to Winner’s prizes the proposal is that we, Scrap divisional 1,2 & 3 cups on captains day due to costs

Monthly cups remain but engraving to remain the individual’s responsibility to reimbursed by the club following receipt submission to treasurer.

Paul gave a update on the above topics and associated costs

Proposer Paul Damper, Proposal Accepted by the attendees

- Handicaps the proposal is to move to:

Division 1 - up 0.2 and down 0.1

Division 2 - up 0.2 and down 0.2

Division 3 - up 0.2 and down 0.3

All the above movement will be based on the average scores of the day

New members come in as a “guest” on their nominated handicap, after submission of 3 cards the committee allocate new MAGS handicap. During this period, they cannot win any competition or earn champions league points, however they can compete for nearest the pin.

To re iterate that anyone who feels their handicap is incorrect whether through injury, miscalculation or any reason can request a review of the handicap subcommittee which is the Chairman the Captain and the Handicap Representative, and they will adjudicate on any changes.

Proposer Pete Tweddell, Proposal Accepted by the attendees

I know this is a contentious subject as it is in every club and I have never seen anything given more airtime, but we have a lot of members and we have to reach a common approach which we can adapt at every AGM and is subject to appeal for any members who remain disgruntled.


Note captains’ day, plan is to try to make this more of an event, disco/band/dancing etc to increase the numbers attending. Ongoing project

Additional auditor proposed Ian Marshallsay Proposal accepted

A vote of thanks was given to Tim who has worked tirelessly to keep mags days alive despite external forces working against him

A reminder was made by GK as secretary to ensure everyone pays the treasurer their dues so that his job of arranging our insurances is made as easy as possible and not repeat applications adding time and additional workload

There being no further business for the good of Mags the meeting was closed at 09.30 so we could all have a lovely day enjoying some golf.

Chairman I Rowan

MAGS AGM 2018.... Broome Park - Friday 21st April

Meeting commenced 8.45 Apologies for absence. David Smith                                       Dave Swinbank                                        Karen Gentle Minutes of the last AGM ...Approved...Tim                                            Seconded...Trevor  .Chairmans Report May I first welcome Members, New Members, and Guests. As we Tee off in the next hour there will not be much time for in depth debates. I wish to thank on your behalf our committee for the work in the past year. The committees commitment is to ensure MAGS grows from strength to strength. This is my 7th year as Chairman and I intend to help face the challenges that we face following the closure of so many Golf clubs. If you have any courses in mind that MAGS could attend ,please let Tim know. The biggest debate this year has been over Handicaps and I wonder how many members have actually read all 118 pages of the CONGU manual. You will hear from Peter later about the proposed Handicaps. Many thanks to Peter for all the work he has put into these. There are some interesting new rules of golf coming into force from the 1st of January. These will be put on to the MAGS website. I am pleased that our incoming Captain intends to reintroduce some old MAGS habits such as intending where possible to play alongside each Member. We have simplified the renewal process ,but we still get people not renewing until well after April. If membership has not been renewed by May ,they will be removed from the Email list. There are 18 people attending MAGS on Tour this year to Spain . Thankfully it was saved by some quick thinking by David and Ian when Monarch went into liquidation. The new Medals are proving popular and are saving the society money. I will be proposing in Any other Business that we change the names of the Mick Miller and Len Hall cups to The Spring cup and New year cup. Secretary Report:- Committee meetings have been well attended. We are continuing with the Golf Insurance (which is included within your Membership fee). Presentation of Accounts:- Brian provided details of the years Accounts. There is currently a balance of £3843.33 as of the 31/03/2018. Our thanks go to our Auditors Peter Self, Graham Nunn and Trevor Woods. Accounts Approved      Ian Rowan                  Seconded.    Mark Parsons Election of Committee:- Captain..Derek Reed...         .Approved    Tim Grimes                                                 Seconded.  Dave Verga Vice Captain..Graham Nunn..Approved.  Bob Crouch                                                  Seconded.  Mark Moore Chairman..Peter Gray.           Approved .  Peter Self                                                 Seconded.   Geoff Mills Secretary..Dave Verga.          Approved.   Tim Grimes                                                  Seconded.   Peter Gray Treasurer..Brian Goodhew.    Approved.  Dave Elsworth                                                   Seconded.  Graham Nunn Web/Handicaps Peter Tweddell Approved Roy Goodhew                                                        Seconded Barry England Golf Days...Tim Grimes.          Approved.   Dave Verga                                                   Seconded.  Darren Parker Competitions..Paul Damper.   Approved.   Derek Reed                                                    Seconded.  Dean Priestman  Trophies... Graham Nunn.       Approved    Steve Hazard                                                     Seconded.  Sean Downs Any other Business:- Peter presented details of the CONGU system MAGS proposed to use . The maximum Handicap would be 54. Up and down of the Handicaps would be each side of the average score of the day. Division 1 would move 0.1 ,Division 2 0.2 and Division 3 0.3. Competitions would be capped at 28. It was put forward by the Chairman to change the names of the Mick Miller and Len Hall cups. This was voted out by the membership. The meeting closed at 9.30 Dave Verga Secretary

Mags meeting dated 6th March 2018

Venue The Park Gate Inn Meeting commenced 19.50 Apologise..... Derek Reed,Paul Damper and Steve Totty 1). The Chairman thanked Peter Tweddell for putting the society renewal forms onto the website. 2) winners of par three's and nearest the pin in three, if not collected on the day by the winner or his representative Will have one months grace in which to collect. 3) Brian to obtain two coloured samples of the lightweight Golf shirts to be displayed at the AGM. Also to obtain costs for the Mags Logo Ties. 4) suggestion to rename the Mick Miller and Len Hall trophies,The Spring Cup and The New Year cup as the majority of members will not know who these Gentlemen were. 5) It is suggested that as from April ,no winners Cup/Trophies are given out with the exception of the Champions league, Winter Pairs and Summer individuals. Some of the existing trophies are damaged and certainly not looked after. A honours board would be put onto the web site detailing all previous and future winners. This will be voted on at the AGM. 6) Presentation of new Handicap system to be given by Peter Tweddell. 7) Next years Captain ,Derek Reed will where practical Tee off first. It is Dereks intention to play Golf with all members. Graham Nunn, Dereks recommendation ,accepted to being his Vice Captain. Buggys to be spread through the order of play again where practical., 8) The following rulings to be voted on at the AGM :- a). Golf balls to be marked by players. b). Cards to be marked correctly and signed by both marker and player. c). Lost balls..Two shot penalty and the new ball placed on the fairway at its nearest point of entry. d). All balls must be putt out- no 'gimmes' Any other business Paul Damper to be asked if he is prepared to stand on the committee next year. (Post meeting Paul agreed to stand) Steve Totty suggested that Society games in the winter start later. This was a unanimous no from the rest of the committee. Brian gave an up to date figure of £2748.00 in our currant account. The Bank is changing its title to HSBC UK. This will not worry the society. Medals - We have a bulk order 5 months in advance. All current members of the committee are prepared to carry on. The exception will be Steve Totty who will have no position after passing on the captaincy to Derek. It was suggested that the Did Not Attend (DNA) be raised to £20. This would be charged unless the member can give an emergency or like reason for non attendance after the last day given by Tim. The meeting ended at 21.05 The next meeting will be decided after the AGM Dave Verga Secretary

Minutes from the 2017 AGM

AGM Broome Park .....Friday 21st April 2017
Meeting commenced 8.45 Members present 32... Apologies for absence..David Taylor 2016 AGM minutes approved. Chairmans report Changes to pairs competition has proved successful. Members cancelling within 5 days of the Golf day will be charged £10 The 'overseas tour' is again well under control with our thanks to Linda Rowan. The size of the committee has been reduced and now meets once a quarter. New monthly medals with the Mags logo have been introduced. Any member not renewing by the 1st June to be deleted from the mailing list. To prevent any confusion after the game it is the responsibility of the person marking the card to mention to the golfer at the time if there is any problem with the number of shots played. Al balls should be marked. Again there is the question of dress code.It is no effort following your shower to dress in jacket and Mags tie which was the standard when the society was first formed.There are of course certain exceptions i.e.: today where there is no dinner afterwards. Secretary's Report Costs have been obtained from our Insurers to cover the cost of lost or damaged Golf clubs. It was agreed we would not progress further as most members equipment is covered by their Home insurance. Presentation of Accounts The account currently stands at £2558. The deposits for the years coming games have been paid. There were no questions asked of the accounts. Competitions All progressing well. Election of committee Captain..Steve Tothill ....proposed Tim Grimes seconded Ian Rowan. Vice Captain..Derek Reed...proposed Steve Tothill seconded Dave Verga Chairman...Peter Gray...proposed Geoff Mills seconded Roy Goodhew Secretary...Dave Verga proposed Tim Grimes seconded Peter Gray Treasurer...Brian Goodhew proposed Peter Self seconded John Burbrigde Web/Handicaps..Peter Tweddell proposed Dave Ealem seconded Trevor Woods Golf Days...Tim Grimes..proposed Derek Reed seconded Dave Catchpole Competitions...Paul Damper...Proposed Mark Moore seconded Mark Parsons Trophies...Graham Nunn...Proposed Roy Goodhew seconded Peter Barrett Any Other Business Match day fees increased to £30 Breakfast and Golf ,£40 Breakfast Golf and Dinner.Passed unanimously. When playing top ranked Courses, members pay the above agreed rates. Guests to pay rate charged to the society. Peter Tweddell gave an informative detail on the proposed new Handicaps. The agreed scheme was :- The average score on a Mags day would be a starting point. Two scores either side of the average would mean an unchanged handicap.The lower scores would be increased by 0.3 per point and upper scores Handicaps decreased by 0.3 per point. This scheme was aapproved for a trial period of 12 months. Winter pairs competitions format would change from Stapleford to Matchplay . The meeting concluded at 9.24 Malling Area Golf Society Agenda for AGM 2018 Broome Park Friday 21st April 1) Apologies for absents. 2) Approval of 2017 AGM minutes 3) Chairmans report 4) Secretaries report 5) Presentation of accounts 6) Competition report 7) Social events 8) Election of Captain (Derek Reed) and Vice Captain (Graham Nunn) 9) Election of Committee members 10) Chairman..Peter Gray has offered himself for re-Election Secretary..Dave Verga has offered himself for re-Election Treasurer..Brian Goodhew has offered himself for re-Election Web/Handicaps.Peter Tweddell has offered himself for re-Election Golf days..Tim Grimes has offered himself for re-Election Competitions..Paul Damper has offered himself for re-Election Trophies..Graham Nunn has offered himself for re-Election Additional nominations for these positions may be made by members who should inform the Secretary 7 days prior to the meeting. Any other Business Approval to amend the proposed new Handicaps system put forward by Peter Tweddell. Should a member wish to put forward any other proposal, this is to be with the Secretary 7 days prior to the meeting Dave Verga Secretary

Minutes from the 2016 AGM

AGM of Malling Area Golf Society
Held at Broome Park 15th April 2016

There were 27 members present
Apologies from Geoff Mills .Brian Woods.
Meeting Commenced at 08.46

Chairmans Report
Firstly thanks to the outgoing Captain,he has worked very diligent to make his year a success.
The Web site is still continuing progress with Peter Tweddell doing all the hard work.
We have updated our Bank mandate which proved a long and testing process.
The changes to the pairs competition has proved successful and will continue in the same vein.
Costs are under control which means the subscription will remain unaltered.
It is worth mentioning that members cancelling the society Golf day at short notice causes additional work. The introduction of the £10 no show fee is working well. Do remember it is your responsibility if your guest does not show.
The Mags on Tour is well under control and our thanks go to Linda Rowan,although Ian no doubt will want to take the glory. Last years tour was enjoyed by all with the exception of he who came last(not mentioning no names). This year the trip to Portugal has 16 going.
The size of the Committee has been reduced and meets once a quarter. You can speak to any committee member should there be any points you may wish to have raised.
We hope to introduce the new monthly medals soon which will have the Mags logo.
Graham Nunn has agreed to take over the job of chasing the return of trophies and arranging for the engraving Graham has been invited onto the committee.
Any individual who has not renewed their membership by the end of April will be removed from the mailing list.
It is proposed to make Brian Goodhew an honorary member.Brian is not playing Golf at the moment as he is awaiting an Operation,but still manages to turn up on society days and collects the money for the days Golf and settles the balances with the Club. (It was unanimously agreed later in the meeting for Brianto be made an honorary member)
Finally we will be voting for a new handicap system in "Any other Business " which the Committee will be recommending for a twelve month trial. Peter Tweddell has worked very hard re-crunching all the score cards from last year.

Secretaries Report
In future, minutes of the Committee meetings will be made available on the Web site.

There were a couple of minor issues on the issue of receipts which had been resolved. The Bank Balance currently stands at £3.7K.

Paul Damper thanked everyone for completing their games in the designated times.

Course bookings
Courses are mostly booked now for the coming year and the start of next year. If you are a member of a club that you feel would make a good society Golf day,let Tim know. It is difficult to find suitable winter courses.

Election of Captain
Ian Rowan
Proposed - Tim Grimes, Seconded - David Smith

Vice Captain
Steve Tothill
Proposed - Ian Rowan, Seconded - Peter Barrett

Election of Officers
Chairman Peter Gray
Proposed - Paul Damper, Seconded - Dave Verga

Secretary Dave Verga
Proposed - Tim Grimes, Seconded - Dave Catchpole

Treasurer Brian Goodhew
Proposed - Graham Nunn, Seconded - Steve Tothill

Website Pete Tweddell
Proposed - Peter Barrett, Seconded - David Taylor

Golf Days Tim Grimes
Proposed - Pete Tweddell, Seconded - John Burbridge

Competitions Paul Damper
Proposed - Dave Catchpole, Seconded - Trevor Woods

Any Other Business
Gimmes ,putting out are getting longer,there are to be no gimmes anymore.
Lost Balls ,time limited to two minutes then two shot penalty.
Handicaps..The new system suggested by the committee is 0.3 points above or below the days average score per point. A vote was taken and the new system agreed.
The Chairman gave a vote of thanks to our Auditors Peter Self and Graham Nunn.
The meeting ended at 09.06

The 2016 AGM

A copy of the agenda for the 2016 AGM can be found here...2016 AGM Agenda

A copy of the 2015/16 Accounts can be found here...2015/16 Accounts

Minutes from the 2015 AGM

AGM of Malling Area Golf Society
Held at Broome Park 17th April 2015

* The meeting was opened by the Chairman Deter gray at 8.55 AM.
* Apologies for absence were received from Dave Verga (Secretary) and Mark Parsons (Capt Elect)
There were no matters arising from the minutes of the previous AGM.
Peter Self proposed that The Chairman’s report be adopted and this was seconded by Peter Tweddell.
Peter Self proposed that the Secretary’s report be adopted and this was seconded by Peter Tweddell.
Accounts for the year were presented for adoption by Roy Goodhew who thanked Brian Goodhew on behalf of the members for his excellent preparation of them and after a brief discussion about a small anomaly of £12, Peter Barratt proposed that they be accepted and this was seconded by Ian rowan.
Paul Damper reported that the format for organising Pairs competitions and Match Play were working very well and that there was no need to alter anything.
Tim Grimes is to organise a fun day at Leeds castle most likely to by mid June.
Mark Parsons was confirmed as Captain for the forthcoming year with Steve Tothill as his Vice Captain. (proposed and seconded by Paul Damper and Peter Self).

Members of the Commitee:
Chairman. Peter Gray (prop Roy Goodhew, sec Peter self)
Treasurer. Brian Goodhew (pro Grahm Nunn sec Peter Barratt)
Secretary. Dave Verga (pro Tim Grimes sec Steve Tothill)
Event Organiser. Tim Grimes (pro Peter Gray sec Dave Catchpole)
Handicap Secretary. (Graham Nunn withdrew his nomination to stand) Peter Tweddell has accepted the role along with the position of Web Administrator (pro Tim Grimes sec Dave Catchpole)

All agreed that the Handicap system was to remain in place.
And that new members (unless otherwise informed) be automatically started on 26 for the first 3 cards.
It was decided that the Title of Most Improved Golfer be evaluated by the performance in their relative division and then the 3 resulting players voted on via the web site.
It was suggested by Steve Tothill that Peter Barratt, Dave Ware and subsequently Steve Day be awarded Honoury Membership, Paul damper formally proposed the idea and Trevor Woods seconded it, this was well received by all.
Tim Grimes went on to explain the thinking behind Course Choices for the ensuing season and welcomed any constructive suggestions for future courses.

The meeting was closed at 9.30 AM.

Minutes from the 2014 AGM

AGM of Malling Area Golf Society
Held at Surrey National Golf Club
On Friday 11th April 2014

The meeting was formally opened by the Chairman with 16 People present.

Apologies: Tim Grimes, Dave Verga and Steve Tothill.
Minutes of the previous meeting where read and accepted. Proposer Paul Damper, Seconder Chris Lewis.
Matters arising there were none.
The Chairman thanked Peter Tweddell for all his work on developing the website and Roy Goodhew for his work arranging the courses.
There was no secretary's report.
The meeting thanked Brian Goodhew for his hard work in producing the accounts. The Auditors had two recommendations;
The engraving and trophies were very expensive and there was a lack of VAT receipts and therefore we change the engravers. It was agreed by the meeting that we obtain a full price list from the current and alternate suppliers and the committee would then authorise the use of the most cost effective but only suppliers able to provide proper VAT receipts will be considered.
The accounting for the MAGS holiday abroad be taken outside the MAGS Accounts due to the lack of proper invoices from the provider Franco Leisure. After discussion it was agreed that it was not practical to change supplier this year however the committee will write to Franco Leisure requesting proper invoices and not just a hand written receipt to validate costs. This will be discussed with Steve Tothill at the next committee meeting. It was recognised that the next year would probably be outsourced to a separate company as it was to be organised by Ian Rowan. The meeting said that the holiday should remain in the accounts but must be supported by valid invoices.

Paul Damper reported that the competitions had gone well. Peter Tweddell asked the meeting if the final of competitions should be paid for by the society and the result was No. It was proposed that two separate bags be used to pair up members for the winter pairs. Proposer Peter Self, Seconder Graham Nunn, the motion was carried.
The meeting recommendation was to ask Tim Grimes to organise a Fun Day.

Peter Tweddell was elected Captain, Proposer Paul Damper, Seconder Peter Self, motion was carried. Mark Parsons was elected Vice- Captain, Proposer Stewart Ryan, Seconder Roy Goodhew.

The Committee as proposed were elected; proposer Roy Goodhew, Seconder Chris Lewis.

ChairmanPeter Gray
TreasurerBrian Goodhew
SecretaryDave Verga
Golf DaysTim Grimes
HandicapsMark Moore
CompetitionsPaul Damper
CaptainPeter Tweddell
Vice CaptainMark Parsons
Players’ RepPeter Barrett
Trophies and TourSteve Tothill

It was proposed by Tim Grimes that each society game be a set figure ie. £40 and £32 non dining. This would mean the less expensive courses would allow us to play more expensive courses. For - None, Against - the majority. Motion non adopted.
It was proposed that we have a Captains charity hazard at all society golf days (proposed £1 forfeit). The treasurer will look after the proceeds given on an honesty box basis and the money would be donated to the Captains charity at the end of his tenure as captain. The elected Captain to announce charity at his first society day as captain.
Members were reminded that Mick Cocoran has a page on the Web site for MAGS branded attire.
There is an excess of funds and the committee will prepare 3 options for spending the cash. These options will be voted upon by the members.
The meeting was closed at 5.25pm.

Minutes from the 2013 AGM

AGM of Malling Area Golf Society
Held at Surrey National Golf Club
On Friday 19th April 2013

Meeting commenced at 16.10pm.

22 Members present.

  1. Minutes of last Meeting read and agreed. Proposed: Peter Self, Seconded: Dave Verga.
  2. Accounts: The Accounts were submitted by Roy Goodhew and audited by Peter Self and Graham Nunn.
    Roy did query the amount spent on engraving, etc. (an extra £500 this year). Steve Tothill explained that some trophies had to be replaced and that all receipts were to hand. It was decided that costs should try and be kept down next year. The Accounts were then accepted.
    Proposed: Paul Damper, Seconded: Michael Curcoran.
  3. Social Events: Tim Grimes is organising a ‘Fun Day’ at Leeds Castle, possibly on the 25th July. More information to follow.
  4. Election of Officers:
    CaptainTim Grimes
    Vice-captainPeter Tweddell
    SecretaryDave Verga
    All other officers re-elected from last year
  5. Any Other Business:
    1. Mark Moore suggested that to make things fairer, the overall winner on a MAGS Golf Day should be cut by at least one handicap point irregardless of the winning score. Therefore winning with 39 points and below would prohibit a cut of one handicap point, above 39 points would proceed as normal (ie. 0.3 for every point over 36).
    2. Insurance - A long debate then followed over Insurance. Peter Gray informed us that (1) we were not covered abroad for buggies and (2) guests were not covered on MAGS Golf Days.
      Peter Barrett asked whether, under the existing Insurance, MAGS members were covered every day of the year. Roy Goodhew confirmed that we were.
      A vote then took place: Do we keep existing Insurance? The majority agreed that we should. Anybody going abroad should take out their own insurance.
      Brian Goodhew (Treasurer) will have waiver leaflets for guests to sign before paying and playing.
    3. Clothing: Michael Curcoran is now in charge of all MAGS clothing. This can be viewed on our website.
  6. Votes of thanks were then given to all Committee members and organisers with special thanks to Peter Tweddell for the new web page.

The Meeting concluded at 16.55pm.

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