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Winter Pairs

The format is Greensome (Matchplay), both players tee off & then you decide which ball you will use taking alternate goes, a minimum of 7 tee shots should be used during the round for each player. Handicaps will be both players actual handicap indexes added together then halved (ie 17.8 + 26.6 = 44.4 ÷ 2 = 22.2 handicap of 22). Course slope will NOT be used to calculate a playing handicap.
Home draw is be made by the captain & away draw by the chairman (if either of these are unavailable draw will be carried out by a committee member).
Please note the final will no longer be paid for by M.A.G.S.

2023/24 Fixtures & Results

First Round

Alan Smithers & Graeme Mcausland (28)v Derek Reed & Adrian Harvanko (13)Derek & Adrian6 & 4
Ian Rowan & Gary Kisby (20)v ByeIan & GaryN/A
Brian Goodhew & Roy Goodhew (20)v ByeBrian & RoyN/A
Darren Parker & Peter Tweddell (19)v ByeDarren & PeterN/A
Paul Damper & Mark Parsons (22)v ByePaul & MarkN/A
Tim Grimes & Dave Verga (21)v ByeTim & DaveN/A
Ian Brenchley & Peter Steer (26)v ByeIan & PeterN/A
Sean Downs & Ian Marshallsay (20)v ByeSean & IanN/A


Derek Reed & Adrian Harvanko (13)v Ian Rowan & Gary Kisby (20)Derek & Adrian4 & 2
Brian Goodhew & Roy Goodhew (20)v Darren Parker & Peter Tweddell (19)Darren & Peter1 up after
3 extra holes
Paul Damper & Mark Parsons (22)v Tim Grimes & Dave Verga (21)Paul & Mark2 up
Ian Brenchley & Peter Steer (26)v Sean Downs & Ian Marshallsay (20)Sean & Ian1 up after
1 extra hole


Paul Damper & Mark Parsons (22)v Darren Parker & Peter Tweddell (18)Paul & Mark4 & 3
Sean Downs & Ian Marshallsay (19)v Derek Reed & Adrian Harvanko (13)Derek & Adrian1 up after
1 extra hole


Paul Damper & Mark Parsons (22)v Derek Reed & Adrian Harvanko (13)Paul & Mark2 up
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