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Summer Matchplay

This is a singles competition using the matchplay format. Players rounded handicaps are used to calculate the net strokes for each hole. Winning a hole gives one point, tying or losing none.
If it’s all-square after 18 holes one of the following can be used to determine the winner upon agreed by both players; extra hole(s) played, re-match or a coin toss. This competition takes place from April till September.


  1. Entrance is restricted to fully paid up MAGS members.
  2. The first name on the draw is the Home match and chooses the venue, it is the responsibility of both players to arrange the match
  3. Winners are to notify the Matchplay organiser of the result.
  4. Matches are to be played by the date specified, or may result in the elimination of both players.
  5. Any difficulty in arranging the match, please advise the organiser, who will endeavour to assist.
  6. Any dispute will be referred to the Captain, whose decision is final.
  7. Standard Rules of Matchplay apply.
  8. Handicaps will be your MAGS handicap, irrespective of whether the club you are playing at is your home club and you have a registered handicap with them.
  9. The competition is standard matchplay ie: Player A Handicap 18 v Player B Handicap 9 which results in player B giving 9 shots to player A over stroke index 1-9.
  10. Home draw will be made by the captain & away draw by the chairman (if either of these are unavailable draw will be carried out by a committee member).
  11. If the match ends in a tie after 18 holes you may play extra holes (in this case there is no need to give a player anymore strokes), replay the game (the away player now has home advantage) or toss of a coin.

Competition Secretary - Paul Damper - August 2013

2024/25 Fixtures & Results

Round One

All first round matches must be completed by Friday 17th May 2024.

Ian Rowan (23)v ByeIanN/A
Paul Damper (16)v Ian Marshallsay (23)Ian4 & 3
Adrian Harvanko (18)v Peter Steer (24)AdrianTBC
Sean Downs (11)v Darren Parker (18)Sean1 up
Peter Browning (21)v Mark Parsons (24)Mark1 uo
Derek Reed (10)v Mike Kingsman (16)Mike5 & 4
Peter Tweddell (18)v Dave Verga (20)Dave2 up
Barry Smith (26)v Alan Smithers (28)Barry3 & 2


Quarter-final matches must be completed by Friday 21st June 2024.

Ian Rowan (22)v Mark Parsons (24)Ian4 & 3
Sean Downs (11)v Dave Verga (21)SeanTBC
Barry Smith (26)v Adrian Harvanko (18)Barry3 & 2
Ian Marshallsay (22)v Mike Kingsman (16)MikeMatch conceded


Semi-final matches must be completed by Friday 19th May 2024.

Ian Rowan (22)v Sean Downs (11)TBDTBD
Mike Kingsman (16)v Barry Smith (26)TBDTBD


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