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2016/17 February 17th Round 11:
Tudor Park Golf Club - The Valentines Cup

Many thanks to Graham Nunn for being the member of Tudor Park who enabled us to negotiate a great deal. This means the savings made will go forward to fund more costly courses without the need to increase the usual rate. It's a "rolling dinner" event so normal Mags dress code need not be observed.

Tudor Park Golf Club
Ashford Road
ME14 4NQ

01622 734334

Full english09:00
18 holes of golf, first tee10:28
Rolling Dinner and presentation15:00
Ham, egg & chips.
Price£38 (£28 non-dining)

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Tudor Park Golf Club

Order of Play

Group 1Richard Coward, Ian Rowan, Paul Keenor.
Group 2Ray Farmer, Graham Gove, Graham Nunn.
Group 3Paul Damper, Chris Lewis, Mark Parsons, Derek Reed.
Group 4Dave Swinbank, Tim Grimes, John Burbridge, Steve Tothill.
Group 5Dave Ealham, Dean Priestman, Dave Catchpole, Dave Verga.
Group 6Dave Taylor, Dave Smith, Brian Woods, Roy Goodhew.
Group 7Gill Ryan (G), Stewart Ryan, Harry Pendleton, Gareth Pendleton (G).
Group 8Ian Butler, Dave Elsworth, Geoff Mills, Bryan England.
Group 9Barry England, Bill Bevan (G), Trevor Woods, Darren Parker.
# = non-dining, (G) = guest, (B) = Buggy

Captain's Match Report

Thirty four brave souls took up the challenge of February golf at Tudor park and as it turned out enjoyed probably the warmest sunniest day so far this year. Whilst not exactly balmy it stayed dry and was warm enough to shed a few of the precautionary layers for most of us.

Following another spectacular breakfast I set off with Messers Coward and Crouch to see how the course would treat me that day.

Broadly speaking I think I was probably just below average it certainly didn’t feel much more if anything, but on the good news front I walked the 18 and my knee didn’t give way.

With regards to the course it was generally in fine fettle some of the greens had been hollow tined and this does of course make the putting more challenging but it is a necessary function and was the same for us all.

Tee boxes were often temporarily relocated and occasionally mats but generally I think the course was well looked after and played very well.

I however didn’t come up to such auspicious standards, I managed to hit more trees than a belligerent chimp, more bunkers than the Kaisers artillery yet avoided more greens than a carnivore at a barbecue.

Of necessity my recovery shots have become quite accomplished recently and my sandiwork rather handiwork, however on the 15th following an unusually straight drive, giving me an equally unusual fairway approach shot I ended up 3m from the green with only a teeny tiny edge of a bunker between me and a par. As if it was written after the first ten holes I scuffed the ball at 40degrees into the sand.

Unphased and expecting an efficient yet graceful exit from the cat litter, my fourth just failed to clear the edge of the bunker and dropped straight down at its deepest point, with a vertical wall in front of it. Following some industrial expletives, I excavated sufficiently over the next four or five shots to necessitate rescue by a mining team and Richards kind words when he said in a very soft and coaxing voice “come on now Ian I think we have seen enough” I am sure he would make a great hostage negotiator because I did just lay down my warn out club and walk quietly over to the rake and a packet of hamlets.

I didn’t hear a bad word about the day from anyone and the food was superb so any grumbles I may have missed were soon forgotten over a lovely informal ham egg and chips which made a very pleasant change.

To the results (well the interim results until a proper grown up has looked through them)

On the 4th nearest the pin was won by VC Mr Steve Tothill who just edged out Mark Parsons

Mark obviously was in good form however as he took the nearest the pin on the 7th from inside both Graeme Nunn and Bob Crouch respectively.

Displaying both power and direction there was only one name in it for the par five in three and bingo you’ve got it Dave Catchpole was the man for the job.

The 10th also had Ray Farmer and Derek Reed narrowly beaten by Brian Wood to come away with the prize whilst on the 17th everyone apart from that Duracell bunny Chris Lewis must have run out of juice because his was the sole entry.

A good many people carded over thirty points well done if you are part of that skilful bunch with Roy Goodhew winning division one on countback with 33 points well done Roy sure you will continue to do well under whatever handicap system we agree to next time.

Division two was won by Dave Ealham with a splendid 35 well done Dave good golf

The best on the day, winning both Division three and the valentines cup was Dave Elsworth with a superb 39 points justly deserving the warm applause he received well played Dave keep it up.

Worth of a special mention was one of our three guests on the day Bill Bevan who hit 40 points off a handicap of 21 (for now)

It was lovely to see you again Gill and a sure sign summer is coming is Stuart venturing out.

Due to an administrative error in the travel department I am unable to attend next month’s meeting at Faversham as being distrusting of dietary supplements but mindful of the latest advice about the benefits of vitamin D in fighting colds, the Current has booked us flights to Africa to absorb some sun. It would have been my last outing as Captain of Mags and I can honestly say it has been a privilege to serve you all in this way. I came in at short notice and made most of it up as I went along (with varying degrees of accuracy) I would like to thank everyone for their humour and patience, the committee for their hard work and most of all for whoever sorts the weather out as we do seem to be very blessed on the third Friday in the month.

Knowing me, if I get half a chance I will overcome my natural shyness and maybe say a word of thanks at Steve’s first day as Captain in April, until then thanks again hope March goes very well stay safe and enjoy playing a round.

Pip pip

El Capitaine


Division 1Roy Goodhew33 points
Division 2Dave Ealham35 points
Division 3Dave Elsworth39 points
OverallDave Elsworth39 points
Best GuestBill Bevan40 points
Average Score29 players30 points
Nearest the pin(Hole 4)Steve Tothill
Nearest the pin(Hole 7)Mark Parsons
Nearest the pin(Hole 10)Brian Woods
Nearest the pin(Hole 17)Chris Lewis
Nearest the pin in 3(Hole 8)Dave Catchpole

Pos. Player Starting
Front 9 Back 9 Total Finishing
1 Dave Elsworth 24.6 3 20 19 39 21.9 2 12
2 Dave Ealham 20.2 2 16 19 35 18.7 2 10
3 Bob Crouch 26.0 3 17 18 35 24.5 3 8
4 Dave Verga 19.3 2 19 15 34 18.1 1 7
5 Paul Damper 18.9 2 12 21 33 18.0 1 6
6 Roy Goodhew 5.0 1 15 18 33 4.1 1 5
7 Ray Farmer 17.0 1 16 17 33 16.1 1 4
8 Dean Priestman 11.8 1 19 14 33 10.9 1 3
9 Graham Gove 10.5 1 14 18 32 9.9 1 2
10 John Burbridge 24.5 3 14 18 32 23.9 2 1
11 Chris Lewis 14.3 1 15 17 32 13.7 1 0
12 Derek Reed 15.3 1 14 17 31 15.0 1 0
13 Stewart Ryan 2.8 1 16 15 31 2.5 1 0
14 Ian Butler 27.7 3 16 15 31 27.4 3 0
15 Geoff Mills 27.4 3 11 18 29 27.7 3 0
16 Mark Parsons 28.0 3 13 16 29 28.0 3 0
17 David Taylor 24.7 3 9 19 28 25.3 3 0
18 Richard Coward 14.3 1 11 17 28 14.9 1 0
19 Graham Nunn 19.0 2 11 17 28 19.6 2 0
20 Dave Swinbank 28.0 3 12 16 28 28.0 3 0
21 Dave Catchpole 21.4 2 14 14 28 22.0 2 0
22 Barry England 4.0 1 14 14 28 4.6 1 0
23 Brian Woods 22.9 2 13 14 27 23.8 2 0
24 Tim Grimes 25.6 3 15 12 27 26.5 3 0
25 Steve Tothill 19.7 2 11 15 26 20.9 2 0
26 David Smith 20.9 2 12 14 26 22.1 2 0
27 Trevor Woods 11.1 1 8 17 25 12.6 1 0
28 Ian Rowan 25.5 3 11 12 23 27.6 3 0
29 Harry Pendleton 28.0 3 4 12 16 28.0 3 0
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