Malling Area Golf Society

2016/17 September 9th Round 6:
The Upchurch River Valley Golf Course - The Captain's Trophy

Upchurch River Valley Golf Course
Oak Lane, Upchurch

01634 379592‎

Full english09:30
18 holes of golf, first tee10:28
Dinner and presentation18:30
Chef's Choice Main.
Chef's Choice Pudding.
Price£38 (£28 non-dining)
(£18 just dining)

Upchurch River Valley Golf Course

Order of Play

Group 1Ian Rowan, Gary Kisby, Graham Gordon.
Group 2Mark Moore, Roy Goodhew, Mike Edwards.
Group 3Trevor Woods, Peter Self, Dean Priestman, Kev Warncken.
Group 4Peter Barrett, Mick Corcoran, Candice Hanson, Karen Gentle.
Group 5Dave Gentle, John Burbridge, Harry Pendleton, Dave Swinbank.
Group 6Paul Damper, Mark Parsons, Pete Tweddell, Dave Ealham.
Group 7Paul Keenor, Dave Verga, Dave Catchpole, Dave Elsworth.
Group 8Derek Reed, Steve Tothill, Tim Grimes, Geoff Mills.
# = non-dining, (G) = guest, (B) = Buggy

Captain's Match Report

Well what started as an inauspicious day with a cloudy drizzle soon developed into a fine day with some glorious sunshine for September.

After what I consider to be the best breakfast on the circuit and the arrival of the last of our contestants (Mr Burbridge having set off confident of a great day at Deangate Ridge only to find he was a month early!) we had a welcome civilised tee off at 10:30 for what was a lovely day.

Thirty players supported the day which I really appreciated and it was good to see some old faces after too long a gap Mike Edwards and Mark Moore both making a welcome return and both carding a 34 with Mark pipping Mike on countback. It was also good to see the ladies out with Candice and Karen enjoying a round together.

I have always enjoyed playing at Upchurch and I have had some very enjoyable rounds there, I have heard all the stories about it being the most dangerous course in the country and the grumbles about too many blind holes but it holds a special affection in my golfing memories for some of the rounds I have played over the years there, with some great friends, so for me it was a natural choice for Captain’s Day.

I set off in my round with Graham Gordon, whom we don’t tend to see enough of and Gary Kisby who also has been unavailable at times because of his international duties, so it was nice they could both make it this time.

As those of you who have played a round with me may have spotted consistency has yet to become the cornerstone of my game but erratic is making a good case for supremacy, so every round is intriguing to me to see which bits of the game are working and if those bits can mask the failures of the others. Just occasionally the planets align and I hit the ball straight chip in nicely and never more than two putt this happens more frequently than Haleys comet less frequently than a full moon and without the predictability of either. On Friday the drives were straight and long the chips ok and the putting pretty crap at best. Luckily the two former elements offset the latter sufficiently, for me to score 19 points on both the front and back nines giving me a 38 which was sufficient to win Div 3 on countback from Kev Warncken who also carded 38 (well until Pete re scores everyone sobriety such a hassle isn’t it?).

Kev and I were hotly pursued by Peter Barratt and Dave Verga both on 36 with PB winning on countback.

Winner of Division Two was my partner on the day who evidently hadn’t played for three months and was having to use borrowed clubs Graham Gordon who also scored 38 with a back nine of 22 giving him not only the Division Two cup but the Captains cup for best score on the day. Dave Ealham and Steve Totthil chasing hard on his tail with a 34 and 33 respectively.

Winner of Division One was Paul Damper with 37 points followed by 34 points from Trevor (tiger) Woods. Something of a shock for him not to win but looking at the scores will probably still get a slight cut!

The Captains Putter trophy remained un-awarded through stupidity but as it is hideous and quite possibly cursed it may be given away at the next meeting to some lucky recipient so watch out – I know it can’t stay in the house and may get damaged in the garage.

It was also my pleasure to award the Summer Matchplay trophy which was won by Trevor the tiger narrowly beating Bingo Catchpole on the 17th well played the pair of you particularly Trevor who has had a really great year of golf so far, with I am sure more to come.

Finally and for me the most important award of the evening was the Paul Campfield trophy which the committee awards to the Clubman of the year and this year there was a very clear desire to reward and give thanks to Brian Goodhew who turns up every month, usually as one of the first, has all the aggravation of taking in the monies and collating who hasn’t shown up etc yet hasn’t got out for a full round for some time now. It’s such an asset to any organisation to have organising people and Brian is well organised, always is prepared with change and a list and generally just quietly gets on with it cheerily and like the best of all organisers smoothes out the process so you don’t even realise anything got organised it all just happens. Thank you Brian for your efforts to make the days go well.

Thank you all who joined us for the evening meal, Linda and I had a great time. I was a bit of a pain being in the bar area but probably not as much for us as it was for everyone else who was in there! I hope everyone had a lovely time there certainly seemed to be plenty of smiling faces and general merriment which is pretty much always a good thing.

I have really enjoyed my captaincy thus far, I haven’t always sorted everything out as well as I might (captains putter re distribution of medals etc etc) but I hope that hasn’t affected anyone too much if it has just write in to the complaints department and I am sure they will be right on it. It has been an honour to serve you all and I am very proud to be part of such a group of enjoyable friends it is easily the best society in Kent bar none and the level of banter generally unsurpassed – long may we continue to enjoy each others company and some golf.

Pip Pip El Capiataine


Division 1Paul Damper37 points
Division 2Graham Gordon38 points
Division 3Ian Rowan38 points
OverallGraham Gordon38 points
Best GuestMark Moore34 points
Average Score28 players31 points
Nearest the pin(Hole 3)Dean Priestman
Nearest the pin(Hole 7)Gary Kisby
Nearest the pin(Hole 11)Dave Catchpole
Nearest the pin(Hole 13)Tim Grimes
Nearest the pin(Hole 16)Trevor Woods
Nearest the pin in 3(Hole 9)John Burbridge

Pos. Player Starting
Front 9 Back 9 Total Finishing
1 Graham Gordon 19.6 2 16 22 38 17.5 1 12
2 Ian Rowan 25.8 3 19 19 38 23.7 2 10
3 Kevin Warncken 25.4 3 22 16 38 23.3 2 8
4 Paul Keenor 18.6 2 17 20 37 16.8 1 7
5 Paul Damper 15.0 1 20 17 37 13.2 1 6
6 Dave Verga 28.0 3 19 17 36 26.5 3 5
7 Peter Barrett 25.5 3 17 18 35 24.3 2 4
8 Steve Tothill 20.0 2 17 17 34 19.1 2 3
9 Trevor Woods 12.3 1 18 16 34 11.4 1 2
10 Gary Kisby 15.6 1 18 16 34 14.7 1 1
11 Dave Ealham 22.0 2 19 15 34 21.1 2 0
12 Roy Goodhew 8.9 1 16 17 33 8.3 1 0
13 Dave Gentle 21.0 2 17 16 33 20.4 2 0
14 Dave Catchpole 23.8 2 18 14 32 23.5 2 0
15 Tim Grimes 24.4 2 13 18 31 24.4 2 0
16 Dean Priestman 13.3 1 14 17 31 13.3 1 0
17 Dave Swinbank 28.0 3 15 16 31 28.0 3 0
18 Michael Corcoran 25.4 3 19 11 30 25.7 3 0
19 Geoff Mills 28.0 3 13 16 29 28.0 3 0
20 John Burbridge 22.7 2 13 16 29 23.3 2 0
21 Karen Gentle 35.3 3 14 15 29 35.9 3 0
22 Candice Hanson 36.0 3 13 15 28 36.0 3 0
23 Derek Reed 9.3 1 15 13 28 10.2 1 0
24 Peter Tweddell 22.1 2 17 9 26 23.6 2 0
25 Dave Elsworth 24.6 3 18 6 24 26.7 3 0
26 Peter Self 13.9 1 14 7 21 16.9 1 0
27 Mark Parsons 28.0 3 10 10 20 28.0 3 0
28 Harry Pendleton 28.0 3 5 13 18 28.0 3 0
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