Malling Area Golf Society

2016/17 July 15th Round 4:
Poult Wood Golf Club - The Summer Bowl

Poult Wood Golf Club
Higham Lane
TN11 9QR

01732 364039

Full English Breakfast07:30
9 holes of par 3 golf, first tee08:30
18 holes of golf, first tee09:30
Lunch and presentation15:30
Ham, egg & chips
Price£38 (£28 non-dining)

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Poult Wood Golf Club

Order of Play

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
Group 6
Group 7
Group 8
# = non-dining, (G) = guest, (B) = Buggy

Captain's Match Report

One of the joys about the summer meeting at Poult Wood is that as sunrise is now around four thirty in the morning, the last part of the night drive required to attend the earliest tee times of the year, are in beautiful early morning sun and with most of the population still in bed the roads are empty save for the odd insomniac and the last few remaining milk floats.

On arrival the bleary eyed players are met with a sumptuous breakfast,which really sets you up for the day and I would say is the best of any course we visit.

Then it was a question of imbibing enough coffee to stay awake and take on board the rules around the scoring of the nine hole competition (how I wished I was better at my eight times table as the total of all four individual handicaps had to be divided by eight unless you preferred to divide your own handicap by eight then add all these together as a team of four).An added confusion is that last months handicap is unlikely to be the same as this months and there was a certain amount of aged confusion.

Anyway once the algorithms were on board we set off into the morning sun, there was a heavy dew on the sod but once we had moved him off, the first hole provided a deceptive simple downhill tonk into a tree lined green. Luckily we were playing “better ball” as a lie and I didn’t waste too much time looking for my tee shot!

On the basis that the four ball of Catch, Dave Elham Geoff and myself were having a sports day and were off to enjoy Kent’s T20 blast match against Surrey that evening, we set off first and set the pace. As the better ball version of our game allows for the odd wayward shot a certain carefree joi de vivre entered our game and this became especially evident once we had established that at least one of us had made a passable shot on that hole. We became slightly concerned around hole six that everyone had taken their allocated tee shot allowance but it all worked out fine and we felt we had set a pretty good target for the following pack of 31 points.

It was around 10.00 when we finished the nine hole warm up round and we just had time for a quenching cold drink before our more sensible tee off at 10.30. The sun was really out by now and I am sure if I hadn’t spent quite so much of the following five hours under trees in the shade I could have been quite easily suffering from sunstroke rather than bramble scratches, splinters and nettle rash!

I though the course played very well it looked deceptively easy but wasn’t at all, there were plenty of challenges with some narrow fairways especially around the tee boxes, a bit of water to worry the aquaphobics amongst us, a good bit of sand to dry out in and some tricky greens with our same four ball reading them like Chinese newspapers all back to front. Several times we stopped in awe as the ball chose to roll evidently what we considered to be completely uphill.

It looked at the start like the lost ball count was going to be massive, with tree lined fairways seemingly closing in on Geoff like triffiids on the tee box. I also managed poorly at the start, but then either the course opened up or we got our eye in as the losses began to abate. Catch managed to lose three golf balls a squash ball, a basketball and an American football, but that’s something you will have to ask him about.

As ever with Mags there was always some star having a great round who had found a new favourite course (until next year).

Although I really enjoyed the day and the course that player certainly wasn’t me this month, as was seen from the much welcome return to 25 now from my dizzy heights of 22.

Those players who were evidently having a better day were

Nearest the pin in 3 Roy Goodhew

Nearest the pin on 5th Steve Totthill

Nearest the pin on 7th Gill Ryan

Nearest the pin on 12th Graeme Gove

Nearest the pin on 14th Paul Damper

And lastly nearest pin on 17th Gary Kisby

Winner of division three with 34 points Tim grimes

Winner of division two with 38 points Graeme Nunn

Winner of division one and also winner on the day Dean Priestman who really ought to become a member! Or less of a member depending on perspective!

The best guest was Sam Coward well done Sam you know whats next annual membership!

The team who won the mornings nine hole competition was led by Paul Damper and I gather they smashed the 40 point barrier with ease, but having had so many prizes for the nearest the pins, came away with nothing except the heartfelt congratulations of us all!

After the round we had a lovely Ham Egg and Chips on a first come first served basis, a perfect end to the friendliest of days golf. There was a good deal of the customary banter and a warm and convivial relaxed atmosphere all around, it may have been the sun or the informal relaxed atmosphere but everyone seemed to be having a good time and everyone stayed to eat which was great.

For those who made the tour but couldn’t make Poult Wood there was a short prize giving for the winners as below

Day one Dean not a guest Priestman

Day two Paul Keenor

Day three Steve Totthill

Day four Peter Self

The Verga memorial shield of shame Peter Gray

The winner overall Dean NAG Priestman with Gary Kisby runner up.

The winner of the fewest putts competition Paul Keenor

The winner of the sweepstake for predicting the lost ball total was Peter Gray who won many euros

Thanks Steve Totthill for organising the prizes. And well done everyone for passing the first days initiative test Peter Self and I planned.

Rowan tours have received much positive feedback about the last two tours and we will be offering a similar choice of destination for 2017 tour based on a final decision on following a vote from the members ASAP. Enquiries are already under way and the new seasons brochures and deals are due out in August, so we may have something to propose by my Captains day.

We are accumulating bonus points staying with the tour operator and these come of the bottom line we all pay, but if there are better deals out there please get in touch. Steve are you happy to do the prizes again?

As captain I have had some feedback for you all to consider, it seems by impossible coincidence that everyone goes out last or at least they think they do however impossible that seems and this this causing some disquiet. Everyone is moaning at Tim to revise running order so they don’t have to go out last and the schedule chops and changes on a daily basis.

I have received the following proposal in order to introduce the random fairness of lady luck. The first four ball is usually the captain +3, as he has to be sorting out the returning score cards and it’s a bit of a faff and best done as people return (when they remember to hand their cards in).

The proposal is then that the remaining names are then pulled out of a hat for the subsequent four balls (as is done on first day of tour).

There will need to be a work around for people bringing guests ie name plus guest gets drawn out ditto buggy users who may be in a separate bunch. This would ensure at least a random element is introduced and ease the aggro Tim faces by not having to explain each week that its not possible to put people exactly where they want to be in the order?

It’s just a proposal let me know what you think - I know not everyone likes to dress up and stay for a meal and sometimes they have to get away early for other reasons, but if that’s you and you are not out in the first few groups as a friendly bunch I am sure someone will swap.

Is it worth a trial at Darenth let me know?

The only other comments are around the new handicap system which were inevitable as it’s a radical system and every new system doesn’t suit all.

It was the democratic choice of the members and we chose to run with it for at least 12 months – personally I rather enjoy the changes it brings even though I suffered by having a remarkably good round I was still happy to be cut because it reflected my mastery of the game albeit once in any three year period!

So be careful what you wish, for and more careful what you vote for, recognise that it’s wholly impossible to please everyone, especially a collection of curmudgeonly antagonistic amateur golfers who enjoy baiting and a bit of banter. The committee work tirelessly to ensure everyone has a splendid time on your behalf and I believe we have a friendly well organised golf society which is the best in Kent if not the world. This is because of its members and their efforts so well done you! See you at Darenth valley, it could be another early tee time so I would set off now to be sure!

Pip Pip

El Capitaine


Division 1Dean Priestman39 points
Division 2Graham Nunn38 points
Division 3Tim Grimes34 points
OverallDean Priestman39 points
Best GuestSam Coward27 points
Average Score31 players30 points
Nearest the pin(Hole 5)Steve Tothill
Nearest the pin(Hole 7)Gill Ryan
Nearest the pin(Hole 12)Graham Gove
Nearest the pin(Hole 14)Paul Damper
Nearest the pin(Hole 17)Gary Kisby
Nearest the pin in 3(Hole 4)Roy Goodhew

Pos. Player Starting
Front 9 Back 9 Total Finishing
1 Dean Priestman 17.2 1 20 19 39 14.5 1 12
2 Graham Nunn 22.3 2 17 21 38 19.9 2 10
3 Steve Tothill 22.1 2 20 18 38 19.7 2 8
4 David Smith 21.5 2 16 20 36 19.7 2 7
5 Paul Keenor 21.0 2 19 17 36 19.2 2 6
6 Richard Coward 17.9 1 18 17 35 16.4 1 5
7 Graham Gove 12.9 1 18 17 35 11.4 1 4
8 Derek Reed 12.3 1 20 15 35 10.8 1 3
9 Gary Kisby 16.8 1 15 19 34 15.6 1 2
10 Tim Grimes 25.3 3 15 19 34 24.1 2 1
11 Dave Ealham 22.9 2 16 17 33 22.0 2 0
12 Stewart Ryan 5.8 1 18 15 33 4.9 1 0
13 Peter Gray 26.2 3 13 19 32 25.6 3 0
14 Simon Muir 21.9 2 15 17 32 21.3 2 0
15 Bryan England 20.0 2 15 15 30 20.0 2 0
16 Roy Goodhew 8.9 1 15 15 30 8.9 1 0
17 Trevor Woods 13.5 1 14 15 29 13.8 1 0
18 Mark Parsons 28.0 3 16 13 29 28.0 3 0
19 Peter Self 15.1 1 17 12 29 15.4 1 0
20 Dave Verga 28.0 3 17 12 29 28.0 3 0
21 Brian Woods 25.6 3 14 14 28 26.2 3 0
22 Barry England 5.5 1 13 14 27 6.4 1 0
23 Peter Barrett 24.6 3 14 13 27 25.5 3 0
24 Darren Parker 22.0 2 15 12 27 22.9 2 N/A
25 Paul Damper 14.4 1 9 17 26 15.6 1 0
26 Dave Swinbank 28.0 3 10 15 25 28.0 3 0
27 Dave Catchpole 22.3 2 13 12 25 23.8 2 0
28 Ian Rowan 23.1 2 14 11 25 24.6 3 0
29 Kevin Warncken 24.2 2 12 12 24 26.0 3 0
30 Dave Elsworth 23.4 2 10 13 23 25.5 3 0
31 Geoff Mills 28.0 3 10 10 20 28.0 3 0
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