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2013/14 October 18th Round 7:
Westerham Golf Club - The Autumn Shield

Another month has passed and our next venue is Westerham Golf Club. Better known as snake alley!!! This course is one of the best in Kent, well run, beautifully maintained and the food is great!!! We are having a full English Breakfast before the golf. Watch out for the two large snakes, I mean lakes by the 9th and 18th greens. Tread carefully in the trees and rough, better still stay on the fairway. Bring some guests you don’t like to look for balls in the rough. Some of you are still waiting for your club shirts and ties, I am informed that the list has been misplaced. Would those who are still waiting please e mail Karen Gentle ( or pass to Mick Corcoran at Westerham.

Westerham Golf Club
Valence Park
Brasted Road
TN16 1LJ

01959 567100

Full English Breakfast08:00
18 holes of golf, first tee09:00
Dinner and presentation15:30
Chicken, bacon, roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables.
Apple & Spice Crumble with custard.

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Westerham Golf Club

Order of Play

Group 1Tim Grimes (Captain), Chris Lewis, Graham Nunn.
Group 2Peter Tweddell, Derek Reed, Ian Rowan, Tim Lee.
Group 3Paul Damper, Dave Catchpole, Gary (G), John Carter.
Group 4Gary Kisby #, Dean Prestman (G) #, Trevor Lee (G) #, Kevin Warncken #.
Group 5Roy Goodhew, Graham Woodley, Dave Brand (G), David Taylor.
Group 6Graham Gordon #, Sean Moyes (G) #, Brian Alton (G) #, Matt Baker (G) #.
Group 7Dave Verga, Geoff (G), Dave Gentle Snr, Dave Robinson.
Group 8Steve Tothill, Dave Swinbank, Peter Self, Peter Barrett #.
Group 9John Burbridge #, Michael Corcoran #, Tony Smithers (G) #, Mark Parsons.
Group 10Graham Gove #, Simon Muir #, Gary Koster #, Candice Hanson #.
# = non-dining, (G) = guest

Captain's Match Report

Hello Golfers, Wet Westerham, not this year, Hoorah!
Despite the unusually good weather for this course it proved to be very challenging with most coming in around the 28 point mark. However it is a lovely course and the food as normal was up to par, particularly the breakfast.

The next Venue is Hever Friday 15th. You will have to cope without me on this one as I am handing over to my Vice Captain Pete Tweddell to take the reins for the day, please be gentle with him!
See you at the next one.
Tim Grimes


Division 1Derek Reed35 points
Division 2Gary Koster38 points
Division 3David Taylor31 points
OverallGary Koster38 points
Nearest the pin(Hole 4)Peter Self
Nearest the pin(Hole 8)Roy Goodhew
Nearest the pin(Hole 11)Gary Koster
Nearest the pin(Hole 13)Matt Burton (G)
Nearest the pin in 3(Hole 10)Brian Acton (G)
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