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Euro Tour 2013 - Belgium & Holland

Captain's Report

MAGS Euro 2013

Hello Golfers,
A Quick resume of what turned out to be a brilliant Mags trip abroad, after meeting at the channel tunnel for a big boys breakfast we were informed by our illustrious organiser Steve Tothill, of the plans for the forthcoming days..
Not everyone was convinced that Steve knew what he was talking about but despite these reservations 18 blind faith golfers set of in the general direction of the Royal Oestend Golf course. Our tee Time was to be 10.30 (bit optimistic). When we arrived we discovered this links course was going to be quite a challenge as it was narrow fairways, short and with 200ft long rough.

As we went round the wind increased to 1000 knots and suffice to say there were not too many high scores coming in except for Mark Parsons who played a blinder with 39 points.
Onto the best bit, a touch of Apres Golf and a crouque monsieur. We all settled down and then headed off to our hotel in Oestend. Well done Steve it was a good choice, very central and friendly staff. The inevitable happened and professional stakes drinking then took place prior to the evening meal, followed by more drinking with the promise of an early start!

The next day took us to a fantastic course, Royal Latem, probably the most well kept I have ever played on and a total contrast to the day before, and despite feeling a bit nauseous from the previous evenings excess I and my comrades in arms in the famous group of death, (Dave Verga and Graham Gorden) had a brilliant day and Graham and myself were thoroughly entertained by Dave's inability to function, co-ordinate or at times walk.
Needless to say after the event (see results for details), more copious alcohol was consumed and instead of a late night, an early morning was the result, Oh dear! Probably not the best way to tee off at the lovely Oustberg Golf Club in Holland, head down trying to focus on one of the three balls that presented itself to me, I managed to duff it 6 feet into the bushes on my right much to the merriment of all 17 others watching , who I am sure were probably thinking , “what a pratt” (glad it wasn’t me!.. there was lots of water and some very large prehistoric Pelicans on this course and as the mists of self abuse faded, I began to appreciate another lovely Golf course and the comments that came back to the club house concurred. By this time things were getting competitive and the group of death lost Paul Damper only to be replaced by Steve Tothill ready for the last day. The last day saw another great day at the Damme Golf and Country Club which was under re-construction but played very well with accurate greens and more water.

Back to the club house for presentations and a huge thank you to Steve Tothill whose efforts I am sure were appreciated by all and very well done to all the guys who managed to win something despite being worse for wear, (particularly Luke Moore). And well done Dave Verga for not letting me win the wooden spoon.

Tim Grimes

Day One WinnerDay Two Winner
Day One WinnerDay Two Winner
Mark ParsonsGraham Gordon
Day Three WinnerDay Four Winner
Day Three WinnerDay Four Winner
Peter TweddellPaul Keenor
Overall WinnerRunner Up
Overall WinnerRunner Up
Chris LewisPeter Tweddell
Wooden SpoonBest Guest
Wooden SpoonBest Guest
Dave VergaDave Brand
Putting ChampionPairs Winners
Putting WinnerPairs Winners
Chris LewisPeter Tweddell & Mark Parsons
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